Supplement to Quaternions in Molecular Modeling

Date: 2005-04-05

Some supplementary information for

C. F. F. Karney,
Quaternions in molecular modeling,
J. Mol. Graph. Mod. 25(5), 595–604 (2007).

  1. A collection of orientation sets based on the 600-cell and 48-cell as described in section 8 of this paper is available at
    C. F. F. Karney,
    Nearly optimal coverings of orientation space (2015).
  2. A copy of Keat (1977) is available as
    J. E. Keat,
    Analysis of Least-Squares Attitude Determination Routine DOAOP,
    Computer Sciences Corp. Rept. CSC/TM-77/6034 (1977).

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